The author

Hi, I'm Hann Lindahl.

I'm a 20-something queer intersex cartoonist located in San Francisco. For the past 3 years I've been a member of interACT Youth, the nation's first youth-led intersex media advocacy group. We put a face on intersex issues, particularly nonconsensual surgery pushed on intersex infants by the medical industry. I've spoken to doctors, politicians, journalists, and hundreds of other people about what it's like to grow up intersex.

My goal is to create both autobiographical and nonfiction comics about the intersex experience. I'll be working on this in 2017-18.

When I'm not working on intersex projects, you can find me roller skating, at my day job designing puzzle games, or helping to organize events like San Francisco's Queer Comics Expo.

Intersex Comics and Zines

Watch this space! I finished my first intersex zine Future Husband in February 2017. Contact me if you want a physical copy.

Cover image that says Future Husband in robotic looking letters, subtitle 'a tiny intersex comic'

Intersex Articles and Interviews