A Baker’s Secret

Darcy once won a cash prize
For baking 1,005 pies
When asked her secret
She exclaimed, “wear no net!”
For a fun, curly baked-in surprise

Bread: A Trial Run

I am not a food blogger. However, I am proud of the fact that today, I mixed flour, water, and a few other rudimentary ingredients together to make bread.

My first little loaf of bread, sitting on a baking pan.

My little loaf comes from a simple, yeast-free bread recipe sent to me by a friend.

What impresses me most is that I got a loaf out of just flour, salt, oil, and water. Most supermarket “breads” contain exponentially more ingredients. I can’t tell you why.

My loaf is a bit antiquated, in a sense. Flat breads are twice as old as those made with yeast, beginning with the Egyptians in 8,000 B.C.E. I’m not sure who decided to use yeast first — some say it was an accident when spores from a brewery drifted onto a loaf.1 As with most fungus-related discoveries, I’m sure someone was very surprised.

For Sally, who studies newts

Sally is simply too cute
She likes to have tea with a newt
He lives in her shoe
Which has quite the view
And smells like fresh roses, to boot!

Florent Tanet and the Neat, Tidy Vegetables

I recently came across the work of French photographer and graphic designer Florent Tanet via one of my favorite blogs, Things Organized Neatly. This is one of the best uses of produce I’ve seen a while! I couldn’t find the images in a higher resolution, but they’re a joy, nonetheless.

Vegetables sliced in half in a neat line: red pepper, tomato, onion, potato, orange, lemon, shallot.


I’ve just never understood that brand.


Lately, when trying to be fiscally responsible, I’ve tried to imagine what our forefathers would say about my spending habits.

It hasn’t really been working.


I guess the reason why I hate dogs — other than appearance, smell, texture, behavior, and barking — is their density. Every time I touch one it feels like its particles are so packed there’s no room for my hands. For reference, cats are the opposite: approximately the density of noodles. As pets should be.

Dogs: too dense. Cats: just right.