The author

Hi, I'm Hann Lindahl.

I'm a new resident in San Francisco. I'm passionate about roller skating, indie comics, planning things, and making things. At work, I am happiest when I get to flex my generalist muscle: I want to plan details, talk to people, write copy, be on my feet, and add visual zest.

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Recent Projects

 WorkGenius Branding Illustrations

I created a series of empty state illustrations for the Workgenius app, a scheduling solution for on demand workers. The homepage will feature this illustration, cut in layers for a parallax scrolling effect.

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 ProductHintr Idea Generator

Can't decide what internet startup to start? ProductHintr can make that decision for you!

 Can I Use I? Book Illustration

Cover design of 'Can I Use I'

Catherine Prendergast, a Guggenheim fellow and professor of English at the University of Illinois, wrote Can I Use I as a collection of anecdotes teaching young writers how to survive college writing classes. I proofread the text, providing insight as a young writer in the target market. I designed the book cover, pages, and illustrations for several of the anecdotes.

Can I Use I is available on Amazon as a physical or eReader copy, and launched in classrooms in Fall 2015. So far, the book has seen success and reached thousands of students, including runs in Illinois prison education programs.

→ More illustrations on Behance

 PechaKucha Design/Storytelling

PechaKucha connects over 800 cities across the world through community storytelling—think Ted Talks, but local, shorter, and dealing with everything from robotics to chickens. Presenters are challenged to talk about their passions in exactly 20 slides by 20 seconds. Talks from all cities are uploaded on PechaKucha's global website.

PK Volume 18 poster

I joined the team of volunteer PK organizers in Champaign-Urbana to plan three events over the course of five months: Volumes 17, 18, and 19. For Volume 18, I took the lead designing the event poster and branding, an hourglass 18. Our team of 8 volunteers planned and executed fundraising, venue management, and presenter recruitment for the free event attented by 225.

For Volume 17, I gave a talk on intersex and non-binary awareness entitled Y Chromosomes and the Women Who Have Them. It received a standing ovation from 250 attendees.

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 Cream & Flutter Design/Photography

During my year managing a small bakery, I designed marketing materials, photographed hundreds of cakes, managed staff and community partnerships, and worked on personalized sales plans for dozens of brides. I also relaunched a new website on Squarespace.

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